Lettuce & weeds

Among my lettuce seedlings, tiny weeds had sprung up — they were intertwined with the fragile lettuce leaves, and I could not get my fingers in there skillfully enough to remove the weeds. But finally, when the seedlings were large enough to thin out, I was able to transplant them to areas of the garden with more space, where sown seeds had not sprouted, in the process removing the weeds that had grown up with them.

Jesus talks about the wheat growing up among the thistles, for fear of pulling up the wheat accidentally. Perhaps he also transplants us — moving us to new, unfamiliar places — in order to remove the weeds from our hearts. In the new space, though it may take time to bounce back, for our roots to revive from the shock and anchor themselves anew, it will end up being a more spacious place, and we will be free of the weeds we formerly could barely see, much less grasp at.