My name is Laura Cerbus, and I’m a teacher and writer living in Melbourne, Australia on the land of the Kulin Nation. Originally from Western Pennsylvania, I’m becoming acquainted with the beauty and grief of cross-cultural life.

I have loved literature and the words that weave stories for as long as I can remember. This love draws me to the One whose Word spoke the world into being, and who weaves the story of my own life, a story which is but a small episode in the grand narrative of history. To help me hear this story, I rely on the words and stories of others, past and present, whose words echo the Word of life and light.

I’m wife to Ryan, who fills my life with music and laughter. I’m mama to three beautiful crazies, working on practicing endurance and joy in homeschooling. I co-founded a homeschool co-operative in the southeast suburbs called Melbourne Scholé Community.

I work for Springvale Learning and Activities Centre, teaching English and Citizenship classes to English Language Learners.

I also serve as the submissions editor and a regular contributor for Velvet Ashes, an online community for women serving cross-culturally.

My writing is offered as a gift: in gratitude to the giver of words, and for the solace and awakening of the ones whom he has made in his image.