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I’ve been reading a few art / work process books in the past year, and they all advocate setting aside protected hours, in a designated office or studio space, so you can focus intently on the work before you, where… Continue Reading →

Joining the Lord’s Work

I’ve been spinning my wheels for a couple of months now. A year ago, I would have told you that I was pretty good at parenting, that while far from perfect, I had good theology and good practice and that,… Continue Reading →

He who scatters weeps

I spent a good bit of yesterday on the couch, cuddled up next to my middle child. He was sick, thankfully with a mild stomach bug that simply required a day of sleep. While the sick day at home gave… Continue Reading →

Birthday Cake

This weekend, I baked a birthday cake for our youngest. In keeping with the typical treatment of the third child, it was a week late — neither had any presents been opened. She’s only two, so she won’t fully comprehend… Continue Reading →


The days are too long and the nights come too early. My legs waver and my arms droop and my feet ache. This labor of love, this daily ritual of care: a cross-marked life that seems a far cry from… Continue Reading →

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