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The Word Became Flesh

“The word became flesh,” John writes, “and dwelt among us.” Flesh: nothing romantic or idealized here. This is the sagging, wrinkling, discolored, splotched, weak, limited, smelly stuff which we are. Flesh, bodies: wholly ordinary, corruptible, and unsatisfying. So much of… Continue Reading →

Psalm 19

“The heavens declare the glory of God,” David exults, “and the sky above proclaims his handiwork.” I wonder what the sky looked like when David wrote this psalm. Was it late at night? Did a full moon illuminate the city… Continue Reading →

Evening Walk

We walked tonight, us five. We left the house as the sun settled on the rooftops. The air, no longer warmed by the sun’s most intense heat, had cooled. I shivered slightly, and as I inhaled I caught the scent… Continue Reading →

Everyday life

It’s just in the very corner of everyday life where God has put us, that this [death of the self] can take place, and the surrounding influences can have their share in bringing down to death the old nature. It… Continue Reading →

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