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Gospel Encouragement, part 3

Read part two here.  God is a God of encouragement. His encouragement takes many different forms: to Adam he encouraged him to turn and repent. To Cain he encourages him to do what is right and not let sin master… Continue Reading →

Gospel Encouragement, part 2

Read part 1 here. The Gospel, then, is the truly encouraging message. Everything that encourages, to paraphrase pastor and author Sam Crabtree, everything truly encouraging originates from and is supremely found in Christ — whether that is recognized or not. … Continue Reading →

Gospel Encouragement, part 1

I had the privilege of giving a short talk at our women’s retreat last weekend. I’ve posted an edited version of what I said here, in three parts. When you hear the word “Gospel,” what do you think about? Most… Continue Reading →

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