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The Priesthood of All Believers in the Face of Racism

Even though I watch from Australia, the other side of the world doesn’t seem so far away. The turmoil and grief of my native country, of my black brothers and sisters, fills my mind and heart as I pour over… Continue Reading →

A Goodness We Can’t Keep to Ourselves

The word good is a staple of my vocabulary. I use it frequently, describing my mood, the work others have done, the experiences I have. It comes naturally as a quick and easy response or a casual compliment. As a… Continue Reading →

Stewards & Wanderers

Modern-day prophet Wendell Berry is clear: we must stay and we must love the places where we stay. No sentimentality, no cynicism, only a fierce commitment to loving a place through and through to its flourishing. Berry’s vision is so… Continue Reading →

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