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Pruning Season

July — here, in the Southern Hemisphere, the second month of winter. In southern Australia, this means just-above freezing temperatures, rain, rain, and more rain. It also means pruning season. We’ve inherited several fruit trees and herbs in our garden,… Continue Reading →

Lettuce & weeds

Among my lettuce seedlings, tiny weeds had sprung up — they were intertwined with the fragile lettuce leaves, and I could not get my fingers in there skillfully enough to remove the weeds. But finally, when the seedlings were large… Continue Reading →

Gardening thoughts

It’s springtime in the Southern Hemisphere, which means I’m hunting for my gardening gloves. Given the climate I now live in, my gardening tools should be readily accessible, but it’s taking some effort to reshape my Western-Pennsylvanian planting paradigm. My… Continue Reading →

Plum Harvest

The abundance of plums won’t be harvested easily. Not a child anymore, I grasp the branches, hoisting myself with one grunting pull up into the leaves. Cobwebs cling to my hair and face, dead branches scrape at my arms, a… Continue Reading →

Melbourne Autumn

Autumn is creeping in. Here, she forgoes the loud parade: the trees unfurling their flags in bold reds, yellows, and oranges; the trumpet blasts of football crowds the twirling of rakes, the gentle music of crisp leaves, skittering and scraping… Continue Reading →


This week the apricots are ripening. I’m not the only one to have noticed—the crows, and another Aussie bird I haven’t identified yet, are eager to get their share of the harvest. I can’t begrudge them too much: unlike the… Continue Reading →

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