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When it’s not my story

I have a prayer letter to write. It’s been on my to-do list for the past three weeks now — each Saturday, I write it again in my planner for the following week. Our family has been very busy lately,… Continue Reading →

Gospel Encouragement, part 3

Read part two here.  God is a God of encouragement. His encouragement takes many different forms: to Adam he encouraged him to turn and repent. To Cain he encourages him to do what is right and not let sin master… Continue Reading →

Gospel Encouragement, part 2

Read part 1 here. The Gospel, then, is the truly encouraging message. Everything that encourages, to paraphrase pastor and author Sam Crabtree, everything truly encouraging originates from and is supremely found in Christ — whether that is recognized or not. … Continue Reading →

Gospel Encouragement, part 1

I had the privilege of giving a short talk at our women’s retreat last weekend. I’ve posted an edited version of what I said here, in three parts. When you hear the word “Gospel,” what do you think about? Most… Continue Reading →

God Breathed by Rut Etheridge

I am my own and I am mine. In the West, we live by this mantra. We proclaim it with exuberance and pride. We write stories and sing about our freedom to be ourselves, to follow our own hearts, to… Continue Reading →

“I’m American”

Less than 100 metres from our home lies the most diverse suburb in Australia, boasting representatives from 112 of the world’s 196 countries. While a dominant Australian culture structures public life, social etiquette and expectations, different cultures regularly interact in… Continue Reading →

Pruning Season

July — here, in the Southern Hemisphere, the second month of winter. In southern Australia, this means just-above freezing temperatures, rain, rain, and more rain. It also means pruning season. We’ve inherited several fruit trees and herbs in our garden,… Continue Reading →

Lettuce & weeds

Among my lettuce seedlings, tiny weeds had sprung up — they were intertwined with the fragile lettuce leaves, and I could not get my fingers in there skillfully enough to remove the weeds. But finally, when the seedlings were large… Continue Reading →

He whose strength loves justice

The Reformed world loves to speak and teach and preach of God’s sovereignty. Based on the sheer number of words  devoted to this topic, it is obviously a precious doctrine to us. And yet there is a danger in our… Continue Reading →

Songs of Disruption

This year for science, my son is studying birds. Part of that study has been keeping a bird watching book, in which he writes down the features of the birds he sees, and then identifies them. It started off well… Continue Reading →

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