COVID-19: A Prolonged Sabbath in a Culture of Productivity

COVID-19: A Prolonged Sabbath in a Culture of Productivity

I wrote this a couple of weeks ago, in the middle of school holidays and feeling untethered in many ways. Now, as Term 2 descends, “Sabbath” does not quite seem the right idea for what I’m facing now. The same maybe true for you — or not. I’m sure that our experiences of this time will be as diverse as we are ourselves. Even so, I’m hoping that what I was thinking about a couple of weeks ago may be encouraging to you in some way today.

I’ve got my to-do list in front of me. Today is a good day: I’m ticking off the things I’ve scheduled to do, even in the time I wanted to do them. Quarantine success, here I come. 

I’ve seen the memes, the inspirational messages, and I know what is expected. Famous people throughout history accomplished incredible things during periods of isolation. Scientific discoveries, classic works of literature — this is what is possible, I’m told, if I can only embrace the isolation, hunker down, and get to work. I can’t let this time go to waste. 

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