I’m pretty thrilled to share with you the fruit of many months of labor: a Scripture reading guide to take you through Genesis, chapter by chapter.

An explanation on why I wrote and how to use the book can be found in the book itself, but I do want to briefly answer the questions, what is this? and who is it for?

What is this? It’s a reading guide for Genesis. Taking each chapter at a time, it gives a plan for reading, a reflection, discussion questions, and a concluding prayer.

Who is it for? When I started writing I mainly had my family in mind — we used it for our family worship time. After we went through it as a family, I decided to add in discussion questions, and these are oriented towards older kids (8+) and adults, rather than young ones. There are heaps of resources for the littles, and so I wanted to create something for older kids.
BUT it is not only for families. I wrote it with the idea that an adult would be able to adapt it and use it on his/her own.

One more question and answer — How much is it? I’m offering it for free, mainly because it’s my first attempt at writing something on this scale, and as I’m self-publishing I’m sure it’s going to need revision as more eyes see it (My husband faithfully reads everything I shove under his nose, but we are both fallible). But, if you feel inclined, there’s a link at the bottom to leave a tip.

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