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January 2018

Spiritus Sanctus

O Holy Spirit, As the sun is full of light, the ocean full of water, Heaven full of glory, so may my heart be full of thee. Vain are all divine purposes of love and the redemption wrought by Jesus… Continue Reading →

Unchartered Territory

Ryan and I are working our way through the podcast series “Seeing White.” I’m impressed with the quality of the podcast, captivated by the storytelling, and appalled at the history I’ve only partly known. A few thoughts/notes from Part 4,… Continue Reading →

The Cross-Life

Our temptation is to presume that the work of the Cross in history is finished, that having completed that work, God has now left us to get on with fixing a broken world. But the Cross is not only the… Continue Reading →

Ricketts Point

Ricketts Point Marine Sanctuary is on the bay, close to our house. Most of the bay coastline from Melbourne down to Point Nepean is sandy beach, but at Beaumaris beach, right at the beginning of the smooth curve down to… Continue Reading →


The days are too long and the nights come too early. My legs waver and my arms droop and my feet ache. This labor of love, this daily ritual of care: a cross-marked life that seems a far cry from… Continue Reading →

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